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error: failed to write certificate configuration to registry on server

veeam failed to wait for oib mounted

fatal: unable to produce a script file java.io.ioexception: failed to create a temp file on

failed to load database information crystal reports visual studio 2013


failed to shutdown service nsrd

failed to initialize rendering subsystem

failed to recognize apr_int64_t_fmt

the redirector failed to determine the connection type mrxsmb

event id 219 windows 10

failed to create document public id null

mysql failed to start ubuntu

failed to index guest file system. veeam guest agent is not started

problem: failed to create task or type if cause: the name is undefined.

failed to exec php

pxe provider failed to initialize mp connection

failed to get dp locations from ls for content

acronis error code 65520 module 0

failed to create empty document vaio recovery

failed to get global enables 0xc6

failed to create image file of type null

failed to contact game server cs 1.6 solution

java.lang.illegalstateexception failed to load applicationcontext junit spring

failed to execute connect s as sysdba

failed to initialize shared canvas windows live mail 2012

failed to contact identity server at timeout

failed to load keystore type jks with path no such file or directory

failed to prepare partial iu r com.android.ide.eclipse.adt

failed to load file bmgame launcher.ini

proftpd mlsd

failed to create key.snk

failed to initialize glx extension ubuntu 11.10

failed to find object class none ue4

failed to retrieve list of message application servers

esxcli system module parameters list


failed to load module `zsh/datetime'

ubuntu failed to load module glx

failed to generate application token file for docbase

mcafee epo 5.1 ad sync

failed to install assembly system enterpriseservices dll

failed to verify whole-file signature signature verification failed

android emulator could not allocate 1.0 gb of memory for the current avd configuration

act failed to open a connection to the database

hyper v vm failed to change state

memtest86 failing address

failed to find geowebcache.xml

failed to open /etc/webmin/webmin/oscache for writing

failed to execute wdiff exe

failed to read artifact descriptor intellij

failed to install sccm client bootstrap

failed to obtain transaction dispenser interface

failed to find runtime dll mscorwks.dll

failed to establish listen on port udp

asp.net ajax client-side framework (scriptresource.axd) failed to load

livestreamer mpc hc

failed to find list template tag corresponding to id 116

get http://localhost:8383/favicon.ico net::err_empty_response

failed to bind port 6543 exiting mythtv

failed to connect to remote vm. connection refused weblogic 9.2

failed to validate certificate the application will not be executed java 8

failed to load initial plugins with error ima_result_failure

error failed to build gem native extension windows

wimgapi.dll download

error: failed to commit transaction (conflicting files) ttf-dejavu

failed to update committed transaction in sql 10027

java.lang.illegalstateexception failed to load applicationcontext spring boot

failed to read mirror file 11.04

failed to open stream: no such file or directory php

vmware module disk power on failed

ubuntu 16 failed to start session

failed to add assembly system.data.sqlserverce.dll

failed to parse line spamassassin

failed to load msgina.dll

hresult = 0x80004005 - e_fail

failed to lock vertex buffer gmod

failed to open /etc/crypto/pkcs11.conf

failed to allocate a sysv

failed to automatically resync pv

failed to copy usb device driver inf

bandicam failed to start video capture

failed to load resource the server responded with a status of 500 (internal server error) ajax post

failed to start gdbserver

starting openvpn failed centos 6

java error classnotfoundexception windows 7

internet connection sharing service on local computer started and then stopped

failed to get language information for project server pwa

failed to handle packet java.lang.nullpointerexception minecraft

smtp failed to connect socket connection refused code response

failed to find runtime dll (clr.dll), 0x80004005

failed to initialise messages database permission denied

configuring odbc for embedded error failed to connect to database

acronis true image failed to read from sector

failed to initialize direct3d with current settings tomb raider underworld

failed to connect to patch server ragnarok

failed to load class org.slf4j.impl.staticloggerbinder intellij

failed to get port range from local nsrexecd

failed to play test tone windows 10 dell

failed to set selinux context for mnt source

failed to create asp object internet explorer

failed to return a video frame

failed to create receiver object from assembly class for feature

an attempt to read configuration data from the windows registry failed with error '2'

cannot autolaunch d-bus without x11 $display

failed to join ghostcast session with ghostcode 19901

failed to boot 1 motorola

the target server failed to respond httpclient

nhibernate eager load collection

proftpd failed to retrieve directory listing

failed to reserve contiguous memory of size

550 failed to open file ftp

failed to write to mysql.slow_log

failed to set entityresolver to null on documentbuilder java.lang.nullpointerexception

failed to add the ghosted document with

file_get_contents failed to open stream http request failed

failed to move volatile data folder

failed to get proc address for setdlldirectory

failed to perform folder redirection of my documents

session_start(): failed to initialize storage module: user

apache 2.4 failed to configure ca certificate chain!

the resource loader failed to find mui file server 2008

tomcat failed to initialize end point associated with protocolhandler

failed to initialize the crypto conext

failed to find the xml file at location feature.xml

mpdb method hresult : 0x80004005

failed to run install script black ops

failed to install to directory service 8467

admc0009e: the system failed to make the soap rpc call: invoke

failed to build gem native extension mysql2 mac

failed to load the jni shared library jvm.dll eclipse windows 8 64 bit

failed to create remote directory / managesoft

getimagesize: failed to open stream: no such file or directory

description: failed to open package file "" due to error 0x80070005 "access is denied.

failed to install safenet va adapter

failed to download pear/http_webdav_server within preferred state stable

indesign cc failed to export pdf

getmasterkey failed: the decryption has failed. for user

failed to detect isa server

chroot failed to run command /bin/bash exec format error

failed to initialize direct3d windows 10

failed to download patch file list crossfire ph

express handlebars npm

failed to migrate license information

failed to execute because the app-domain could not be created

failed to build vmnet. failed to execute the build command.

windows could not record the resultant set of policy (rsop) information for the group policy

bea-101216 servlet action failed to preload on startup in web application

failed to create sample logon point citrix

failed to create document instance

failed to configure the service netlogon as required

fallout new vegas failed to initialize renderer gamebryo

failed to start automatically refresh installed snaps

i/o warning : failed to load external entity

failed to create xml instance

failed to open lock file backuppc

failed to retrieve buttons from my web search

failed to write and not due to blocking

simplexml_load_file error handling

registry lock

failed to cogetclassobject for provider

failed to open file ui_igo8 main_scheme ui

failed to open udp socket for radius authentication server

failed to enumerate domains please check your permissions

adapter data initialization failed

failed to connect to ssl server mcafee


regsvr32 error the module failed to load

warning simplexml_load_file function simplexml load file i o warning failed to load external entity

failed to contact key server gta v

failed to load javahl library eclipse windows

failed to create cache directory for asset unity

failed to load coolkey module


failed to deport cluster dynamic disk

failed to connect to server (code 1006) digitalocean

failed to create key software

failed to create process mutex

failed to find dll function sfc

failed to open log file at /var/log/ftp.log

failed to export ovf package

failed to load database information crystal reports

failed to load applicationcontext junit

failed to get vmstats windows 2012

failed to reserve track reason invalid field in cdb

failed to export the disk vcb

mt.exe failed to write the updated manifest to the resource of file

mpd failed to open audio output pulse

failed to load resource dll windows 10

failed to obtain valid clsid for server kepware

failed to retrieve rmiserver stub: javax.naming.namenotfoundexception: jmxrmi

failed to parse message headers

failed to start vsftpd ftp daemon centos 7

wpa_supplicant failed to initiate sched scan

systemctl enable nfs.service failed to execute operation: no such file or directory

failed to do an expansion search on a user groups

microsoft baseline security analyzer 2.3 failed to download security update databases

failed to create component trados

failed to open db file /var/spool/exim/db/retry

failed to load module pk-gtk-module libpk-gtk-module.so

failed to update reactor 96

event id 2 kernel eventtracing windows 7

failed to run install script sniper ghost warrior

rsync failed to exec ssh no such file or directory 2 linux

failed to find spn ldap random

failed to create tuner 1 video decoder

failed to open a rowset crystal reports 9

failed to create the configuration database sharepoint 2013

firefox failed to read the configuration file. please contact your system administrator

maven error deploying artifact failed to transfer file return code is 405

systemd service invalid argument

failed to lock mailbox fcntl flock

failed to parse wsdl: schema:targetnamespace can not be null

failed to validate certificate java 8

ora-13249: sdo_nn cannot be evaluated without using index

obs failed to initialize video windows 7

failed to create net frameworks propertygrid component visual studio 2008

failed to send email alert for recent event

failed to create context 0x3005 windroy

the application failed to initialize properly (0xc0000005)

failed to load one of the network components intel proset

failed to send c3p request to mcu

failed to retrieve data nhl 17

failed to attach to the db2instance db2inst1

failed to install the virtualcenter agent service esx 2.5

failed to hook steam_api.dll

java.lang.illegalstateexception failed to load applicationcontext spring junit

failed to terminate rs232 thread memory map

system.web.httpexception: failed to load viewstate.

failed to execute gpg broken pipe

acronis failed to read data from the disk

failed to load diskio.dll

failed to load module vesa

failed with error connection closed by remote host, possibly due to timeout (195887167)

failed to initiate install of wsus updates

failed to start message bus failed to open /etc/dbus-1/session.conf

failed to automatically determine your web proxy configuration

failed to open mixer for 'my alsa device'

publisher 2010 failed to start correctly last time

failed to create microsoft office spreadsheet component

failed to impersonate the anonymous user

failed to set iopl for i/o ubuntu

failed to create component a reference to the component already exists in the project

failed to execute sql statement oci call ocistmtexecute

initpki.dll failed to load

failed to authenticate with the character server the secret world

failed to initialize direct3d

failed to install starteam sdk

failed to connect to pipe siebel

failed to enable constraints tableadapter

failed to populate servicestartup entries

hitman absolution failed to initialize directx 11 fix

php warning failed to open stream permission denied

failed to compile microsoft.group policy.targeting.interop version=

failed to load external entity php soap

failed to allocate 40000000 memory android studio

failed to start because msvbvm60.dll

failed to load org.kohsuke.stapler.stapler

unit openvpn.service failed to load: no such file or directory.

failed to start debug session nusphere

failed to access the metabase msexchangemu

failed to bring up eth0 ubuntu 11.04

failed to fix dc dns entry _ldap._tcp

unable to power on vm file is locked

systemd start on boot

org.apache.tomcat.jdbc.pool.datasourcefactory jar

dc++ failed to create port mappings

failed to start the virtual machine (error -18).

failed to output private key

failed to initialize the appdomain /lm/w3svc/1/root/reports

failed to load external entity null dia

zkemkeeper.dll for windows 7 32bit

failed to find streaming level object

failed to read database files checkpoint

failed to detect the driver for ma-cable

failed to process pipeline

failed to set up write-combining range vmware

failed to open device file dev gpib0

failed to lock the file (40003) (0x2013)

java io ioexception permission denied jenkins

solaris 10 network configuration

failed to connect output pin avi

failed to start the dspace servicemanager

failed to get system properties java.lang.nullpointerexception

file_put_contents failed to open stream permission denied laravel

failed to retrieve data for this request sql server 2008

failed to find valid network adapter sccm 2012

failed to create rpc listeners exiting redhat

cisco tsp notifier bind socket failed

failed to set display mode heroes 5

failed to load the default scheme file the map views may be missing some visual elements

failed to start mobile internet blackberry desktop manager

'failed to set machine kerberos encryption types: insufficient access'

android exchange activesync failed to create the account

failed to load hamachi configuration the application will now exit

failed to query database. check debug for more info

failed to update log marks for database

the dynamic library rld.dll failed to initialize (e1103) fifa 13

sccm 2007 failed to create virtual directory on the defined share or volume on distribution point

failed to retrieve directory listing vsftpd centos

failed to find suitable ramdisk generation tool for kernel version

failed to get base address for game.dll garena master

nfs41 client failed to load esxi 6

swrast_dri so undefined symbol _glapi_tls_dispatch

gfi mailessentials failed to check for anti phishing updates

failed to connect to socket tmp dbus connection refused

oci error encountered. error encountered while creating oci environment

failed to create com object mapi session

failed to evaluate installed rule hr 80070057

failed to create or access memory contents file

warning failed to move file joomla

failed to load cd_clint

failed to create swap file '/vmfs/volumes/

failed to create folder android

failed to find steam civ 4

failed to open up /dev/io

failed to contact rpc.statd at host

seculauncher failed to start application 2000 gta iv fix windows 8

failed to load com32 file menu.c32 pxe

failed to connect to ftp server localhost:21 ubuntu

windows backup failed to create the shared protection point on the source volumes 0x8078006b

failed to pause full-text catalog for backup sql server 2005

failed to enumerate domains authentication required mcafee

failed to load class org.slf4j.impl.staticloggerbinder . maven

the dynamic library rld.dll failed to initialize (e4) pes 2013

lsissitecompatible : failed to get site version from all directories

failed to decrypt using provider 'rsaprotectedconfigurationprovider' bad data

rhosts authentication disabled originating port will not be trusted

failed to load /usr/lib64/nvidia/xorg/libglx.so

failed to create the virtual machine xendesktop 5

failed to map the path in c#

failed to create file for write

cannot access local wmi repository dfs replication

failed to initialize app engine sdk

failed to navigate from registry state displayname

failed to open the group policy object on this computer. you may not have appropriate rights

failed to find body part in database

failed to refresh user policy access is denied

failed to activate site-scoped features

failed to execute script file sonicwall

failed to read searchd response

com.sforce.ws.connectionexception: unable to find end tag at

failed to connect to server w 2003 l 0 crossfire ph

failed to retrieve data for this request sql server 2012

failed to sign an app.publish setup.exe

failed to download antivirus definition files sonicwall

failed to write memory

the proxy failed to connect to the web server due to tcp connection timeout

cannot run game failed to set up copy protection system

503 service unavailable (failed to connect to endpoint vcenter appliance

adb pull failed to copy is a directory

dawn of war graphics configuration error

localhost 8000 app

create compatible dc

unity glsl link failed no info log provided

failed to lazily initialize a collection of role hibernate

an error occurred while extracting one of the network connect components firefox

failed to lazily initialize a collection of role no session

failed to read from a new stream

failed to load mpeg-4 audio dmo

failed to load kernel library windows 7

archeage failed to load game data fix

failed to load module zsh/regex

failed to generate device signature

failed to load commit history for this repository

failed to set xfermode err_mask 0x40

ubuntu failed to download package files check internet connection

veeam agent failed to process method stg open readwrite

failed to serialize the message part request into the type

failed to initialize zfs library

failed to register msxml.dll

failed to read schema document http www springframework org schema beans spring beans xsd

failed to generate and backup the master secret to file

failed to open @[email protected]/data/test1.spl

spring junit a servletcontext is required to configure default servlet handling

failed to open dev dvb adapter0

failed to install adapter netgear vpn

failed to load module nvidia ubuntu 10.10

failed to link libclntsh so 10.1

failed to authorize disc gears of war 3

failed to start deployable object sap

rsync failed to set times on operation not permitted (1)

failed to find listtemplate tag corresponding to id

failed to access iis metabase. .net 3.5

windows failed to start. a recent hardware or software change might be the cause

cpanel ftp failed to retrieve directory listing

failed to update components from server failure in spider module process

setup was unable to compile the file smsclient.mof 80041002

failed to bind to port the exception was java.net.bindexception

failed to load world far cry 2

failed to create file nokia n97


failed to reserve track incompatible format

wmi repository is inconsistent

could not initialize photoshop failed to initialize cooltype

failed to update reactor 96 ijji

minecraft server failed to bind to port hamachi

failed to read dvd 263 gamecube

failed to obtain property pda.pocketpc.name for device

failed to create directory vuze android

failed to retrieve os profile informatica

mdm xserver not found

failed to collect inventory for virtual i/o server in partition

failed to register process with cps coregraphics

failed to write session data (user)

failed to update the information space

what is /dev/fuse

failed to instantiate service implementor

failed to allocate memory resource

failed to marshal ejb parameters

failed to connect stream invalid argument

skillsoft course manager download windows 8

failed to backup pmtracedatabase palm

failed to retrieve player information from server pokemon go

modprobe: error: could not insert 'vboxvideo': invalid argument

failed to connect to the autopatch

failed to load module glx loader failed 7

failed to complete successfully 30107

failed to update committed transaction in sql docid is 2

error occurred in deployment step add solution failed to extract the cab file in the solution

failed to find resource index jsp

failed to get olympic tickets

failed to start because iertutil.dll

failed to locate supported file

geb chromedriver

failed to load bios.lua

failed to create d3d device steam

failed to change target machine sid

unable to lock database manjaro

failed to connect to the server. bad machine specification

error occurred in deployment step 'add solution': failed to extract the cab file in the solution.

keepalived_vrrp: warning: failed to connect to the agentx master agent

failed to verify referrer post ratings

counter strike global offensive failed to start game unknown error

failed to initilize rendering subsystem

failed to create service 1057 slony

adobe failed to load its core dll windows 10

failed to load module fglrx loader failed 7

failed to create parent directory android studio

the system failed to register host (a or aaaa) 8015

failed to install msde

failed to load library msacm32

failed to assert identity with usernametoken weblogic

activex failed to load ie 11

failed to load session gnome-fallback ubuntu 12.04

failed to get volume guid for device error 3

failed to initialize mutex. err 5

failed to contact schema master exchange

failed to load the widgetset nocache.js

fedora "failed to load module" nv

failed to spawn gnu rlog on

failed to enable the httpready filter

ftp_get failed to open stream no such file or directory

encfs public

e failed to mount /efs (invalid argument) note 2

failed to mount one or more virtual disk images

morrowind snowflake.nif error

failed to initialize direct3d with current settings tomb raider

raspberry pi wlan0 failed to initialize driver interface

vdp failed to remove snapshot

wuauserv failed to read description error code 5

failed to open dir bad file descriptor

failed to connect to information server engine 81011

nvidia glx module

failed to allocate a synthesis process

failed to create asp object

failed to build gem native extension windows 10

regsvr32 failed to load

velvet assassin failed to init ageia physics sdk

failed to contact key server gta 5

failed to access the wsdl connection timed out

failed to find entry for user samba

failed to decrypt protected xml node dts password with error ssis

the dependency service or group failed to start windows 10

failed to open geoip file

microsoft fix it 51033

failed to locate xsd resource

failed to execute sql query backup database susdb

access database engine from microsoft

cmd failed to connect to registry 1326

failed to validate the proxy address template ccmail

swtor launcher failed to update host

failed to read scan data invalid argument

an imap command failed. protocol: imap server: mail.btinternet.com port: 993

1 file failed to validate and will be reacquired fix

failed to read file world maps azeroth

failed to create sap gui scripting engine

failed to read config file. invalid format

failed to load library mscorlib dll

winedt pdf viewer

failed to receive configurenotify event

failed to load the safecontrol assembly paths

securom failed to initialize nba 2k14 fix

java.io.ioexception: no properties file: users.properties or defaults: defaultusers.properties found

ssl library not initialized

failed to acquire org.gnome.displaymanager

failed to read a response javax.xml.bind.unmarshalexception

failed to get server encryption key tf2

msxml.dll failed to load windows 10

failed to open stream function.copy

directx failed to initialize windows 7

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