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Exit Code 137 Docker

[2]An update of /usr/include/sysexits.h allocates previously unused exit


All I could find was the > 128 part: "The exit status of a command that terminated because it received a signal shall be reported as greater than 128." pubs.opengroup.org/onlinepubs/9699919799/utilities/… –Ciro mv Exit Codes Let's start with a simple Linux command that everyone's probably already mastered: mv, which moves a file or directory from one spot in the filesystem to another (and/or The parent will typically do a wait() or waitpid() to get the status of their child as an integer (though waitid() with somewhat different semantics can be used as well). Definition: Break the for loop down into 3 parts: Syntax when using for loops: Example using a for loop: Java Web Languages and Standards Programming Languages-Other Advertise Here 658 members asked his comment is here

So I am hoping this problem will reoccur and that we will get more audit info on it when it does occur. It should not be killed by someone manually, we can see it from the return code. It is award-winning SFTP client, SCP client, FTPS client and FTP client integrated into one software program for file transfer to FTP server or secure SFTP server. [More] And it's free! you can differentiate between a killed and non-killed process.

Exit Code 137 Docker

For better portability, there is: .sh.codename for the textual version of the exit reason, e.g. "DUMPED" and .sh.termsig, the singal name for the signal that terminated the process. Thus in a shell script you cannot tell conclusively whether a command was killed by a signal or exited with a status code greater than 128, except with ksh93. Does the shell variable variant even has a (general) name?

will not not necessarily be 128+2 (or 256+2 or 384+2), though kill -l "$?" will return INT, which is why I would advise for portability not to refer to the numbers Since there was nothing in the dmesg log, I am thinking some admin process or person killed it and not the kernel. 0 Message Author Comment by:rmundkowsky ID: 385114282012-10-18 Well, Is there a reason why similar or the same musical instruments would develop? Linux Exit Codes fabulous2 Shell Programming and Scripting 8 08-12-2008 01:27 PM Where can I find a list of exit codes? (Exit code 64) jkuchar747 UNIX for Dummies Questions & Answers 3 12-07-2004 06:08

You may want to clarify that $? Exit Code 137 Java Resolving the problem This problem is covered by DB2 apar IC89423. I could not pinpoint what exit code 137 stands for. to 255.

Cheers Rene Remove advertisements Sponsored Links rene_metaal View Public Profile Visit rene_metaal's homepage! Exit Code 255 Linux The new variables .sh.* have been introduced for the waitid() interface. Oops. What version of HP-UX is it and what are you running?

Exit Code 137 Java

All Rights Reserved. http://www-01.ibm.com/support/docview.wss?uid=swg21622652 How to help reduce students' anxiety in an oral exam? Exit Code 137 Docker Join & Ask a Question Need Help in Real-Time? Exit Code 137 Python zsh allows any signed 32 bit decimal integer (-231 to 231-1) (and truncates the number to 32bits).

Ah, but behind the scenes, a numeric “return code” variable has been set in the shell too, something you can test and respond to within a shell script. this content The exit status: the number obtained by waitpid() which includes the exit code, signal number and whether there was a core dumped. Parking lot supervisor What does Joker “with TM” mean in the Deck of Many Things? POSIX doesn't specify what the value may be. Linux Exit Code 137

Nothing abnormal in the Solaris logs... Until then, I can't note if there is a solution in this thread, but thanks for inputs. 0 LVL 86 Overall: Level 86 Java 86 Linux 7 Message Active 1 Now planning to run tests to try to get the mystery kill to occur again. weblink It seems to do its job really well (as my output is right) but exits with 137.

Regardless, my main question is would the JVM issue a SIGKILL to itself? Exit Code -1073741819 Python Jun 24 '09 at 22:20 1 You are going to have to at the very least show the part of your shell script that invokes the perl script and show Oh, and you'll likely want the signal(7) man page as well. –Ignacio Vazquez-Abrams Nov 6 '13 at 18:01 add a comment| up vote 3 down vote It seems to be the

For example, exit 3809 gives an exit code of 225 (3809 % 256 = 225).

[2]An update of /usr/include/sysexits.h allocates previously unused exit

Why is '/' world writable? Can you see what happened? I have seen some OOM Kills in the dmesg logs which are not related to my problem. Exit Code 1 Linux Does the command run from the command line?

Join them; it only takes a minute: Sign up Here's how it works: Anybody can ask a question Anybody can answer The best answers are voted up and rise to the Since exit code 1 signifies so many possible errors, it is not particularly useful in debugging.

There has been an attempt to systematize exit status numbers (see /usr/include/sysexits.hcheck over here And upon exiting, it will report 128 + n without having to suicide itself and the side effects it can have. $ yash -c 'sh -c "kill \$\$"; printf "%x\n" "$?"'

Then look up the signal number in sys/signal.h or similar. ash and yash allow any positive integer from 0 to 231-1 and return an error for any number out of that. if [ $? -ne 0 ] ; then echo "mkdir /usr failed: we have an exit code of $?" exit 1 fi echo "made the requested directory. About 2 months ago, I rewrote the wait/job control part of the Bourne Shell to use waitid() instead of waitpid().

I.e. up vote 25 down vote favorite 1 Is there a way to eliminate a warning (exit code 137) in perl? you've added emphasis on "status". And log4j shows no errors, just was working fine and then cuts off without any exceptions.

perl's $? Article by: torakeshb Introduction We as admins face situation where we need to redirect websites to another. as is, but for anything else, truncate to 8 bits. asked 7 years ago viewed 29351 times active 1 year ago Linked 1 org.im4java.core.CommandException: return code: 137 3 Trying to merge DataFrames with many conditions 0 muscle from biopython Non-zero return

Utilizing Exit Codes The most common situation in which you analyze and respond to an exit code is in error handling in a script. Great ! ) Guilhem martin [View user's profile] Site Admin Joined: 2002-12-10 Posts: 25228 Location: Prague, Czechia Posted: 2003-10-24 Re: Command failed with return code 137 [Reply with quote] Anonymous wrote: Please try WinSCP 3.3.1 beta build 189. However, many scripts use an exit 1 as a general bailout-upon-error.

It may be anticipated that the range of unallotted exit codes will be further restricted in the future. Reserved Exit Codes

Exit Code NumberMeaningExampleComments1Catchall for general errorslet "var1 = 1/0"Miscellaneous errors, such as "divide by zero" What's the male version of "hottie"?