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Python Psutil Examples


All other exceptions inherit from this one. interrupts: number of interrupts since boot. If you want different time resolution, change sleep {this} in function logpid(). Depending on the method called the OS may be able to succeed in retrieving the process information or not. http://itivityglobal.com/cpu-usage/python-increase-cpu-usage.html

See meminfo.py script providing an example on how to convert bytes in a human readable form. >>> import psutil >>> psutil.swap_memory() sswap(total=2097147904L, used=886620160L, free=1210527744L, percent=42.3, sin=1050411008, sout=1906720768) Disks¶ psutil.disk_partitions(all=False)¶ Return all Stay logged in Mac Support Forums Mac Help Forums Mac OS X System & Mac Software Home Contact Us Help Terms and Rules Privacy Policy Top Forum software by XenForo™ ©2010-2015 Recreate the ASCII-table as an ASCII-table alignment of single- and multi-line column headers in tabular (latex) Personal taxes for Shopify / Paypal shop? For UDP and UNIX sockets this is always going to be psutil.CONN_NONE. https://discussions.apple.com/thread/1972588?start=0&tstart=0

Python Psutil Examples

Should we eliminate local variables if we can? Note broadcast and ptp are not supported on Windows and are always None. When accessing methods of this class always be prepared to catch NoSuchProcess, ZombieProcess and AccessDenied exceptions. Is an animated corpse with a weapon overpowered?

Alerts Alert Preferences Show All... This is the same as os.getresgid() but can be used for any process PID. What am I missing? –S.Lott Nov 10 '08 at 20:54 2 you can install new programs on Windows too. –J.F. Python High Cpu Usage Note: this might not reflect changes made after the process started. >>> import psutil >>> psutil.Process().environ() {'LC_NUMERIC': 'it_IT.UTF-8', 'QT_QPA_PLATFORMTHEME': 'appmenu-qt5', 'IM_CONFIG_PHASE': '1', 'XDG_GREETER_DATA_DIR': '/var/lib/lightdm-data/giampaolo', 'GNOME_DESKTOP_SESSION_ID': 'this-is-deprecated', 'XDG_CURRENT_DESKTOP': 'Unity', 'UPSTART_EVENTS': 'started starting',

lib (Linux): the memory used by shared libraries. Python Get Cpu Usage Of Process cpu_times()¶ Return a (user, system, children_user, children_system) namedtuple representing the accumulated process time, in seconds (see explanation). family: the address family, either AF_INET, AF_INET6 or AF_UNIX. http://www.marinamele.com/7-tips-to-time-python-scripts-and-control-memory-and-cpu-usage Every attribute represents the seconds the CPU has spent in the given mode.

Note that the threading module isn't all that useful in this regard. Psutil Memory Usage It implements many functionalities offered by command line tools such as: ps, top, lsof, netstat, ifconfig, who, df, kill, free, nice, ionice, iostat, iotop, uptime, pidof, tty, taskset, pmap. To run the time utility type: $ time -p python timing_functions.py 1 $ time -p python timing_functions.py which gives the output: Total time running random_sort: 1.3931210041 seconds real 1.49 user 1.40 On UNIX this is the same as os.kill(pid, sig).

Python Get Cpu Usage Of Process

family: the address family, either AF_INET, AF_INET6 or AF_UNIX. For method names common to both classes such as send_signal(), terminate() and kill() psutil.Process implementation takes precedence. Python Psutil Examples broadcast: the broadcast address (may be None). Python Get Current Memory Usage value is a number which goes from 0 to 7.

When I kill Python, all is well...until the next reboot, where it starts up and eats up my CPU. suspend()¶ Suspend process execution with SIGSTOP signal preemptively checking whether PID has been reused. share|improve this answer edited Nov 24 '13 at 11:42 answered Nov 23 '13 at 10:43 Roland Smith 1,417411 So far i have used python 2.7 ironpython and tried pypy. I lost my equals key. Python Get Cpu Usage Windows

Output N in base -10 Encryption - How to claim authorship anonymously? The advice is to use this every time you retrieve more than one information about the process. PyPy is also known to work. class psutil.NoSuchProcess(pid, name=None, msg=None)¶ Raised by Process class methods when no process with the given pid is found in the current process list or when a process no longer exists.

Note (Solaris) UNIX sockets are not supported. Python Get System Memory Usage The attributes availability varies depending on the platform: user: time spent by normal processes executing in user mode; on Linux this also includes guest time system: time spent by processes executing up vote 157 down vote favorite 49 What's your preferred way of getting current system status (current CPU, RAM, free disk space, etc.) in Python?

uids()¶ The real, effective and saved user ids of this process as a namedtuple.

Availability: UNIX num_handles()¶ The number of handles used by this process. This matches "top"‘s CODE column (see doc). Changed in version 4.1.0: two new interrupt and dpc fields are returned on Windows. Python Resource Module Browse other questions tagged command-line cpu-load logging memory-usage or ask your own question.

Other metrics: used: memory used, calculated differently depending on the platform and designed for informational purposes only. PyPy is also known to work. Changed in version 3.1.0: no longer hangs on Windows. Raise NoSuchProcess if pid does not exist.

cwd()¶ The process current working directory as an absolute path. This is calculated by summing different memory values depending on the platform and it is supposed to be used to monitor actual memory usage in a cross platform fashion. Advertise on MacRumors Our Staff Arnold Kim Editorial Director Email • Twitter Eric Slivka Editor in Chief Email • Twitter Juli Clover Editor Email • Twitter Joe Rossignol Editor Email • Every namedtuple provides 7 attributes: fd: the socket file descriptor, if retrievable, else -1.

When percpu is True return a list of namedtuples for each logical CPU on the system. buffers (Linux, BSD): cache for things like file system metadata. more stack exchange communities company blog Stack Exchange Inbox Reputation and Badges sign up log in tour help Tour Start here for a quick overview of the site Help Center Detailed ptp: stands for "point to point"; it's the destination address on a point to point interface (typically a VPN).

System related functions¶ CPU¶ psutil.cpu_times(percpu=False)¶ Return system CPU times as a namedtuple. For a complete documentation refer to subprocess module documentation. type: the address type, either SOCK_STREAM or SOCK_DGRAM.