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Esxcli Commands List


You could try running msinfo32 from the command line. Note that this configuration heavily influences the intake process as well as what API parameters are available for asset updates. Some plugins require external configuration, too. Defaults to the default behavior of the underlying communications library, rabbitmq-c, which is "localhost". navigate here

CACert File File that holds one or more SSL certificates. Some of these readings are also used to perform actions such as adjusting fan speeds, illuminating LEDs and powering off the chassis. Maintenance is always a member of this set, even if not specified. powerconfiguration.unit.port.label - Power Strip {0} powerconfiguration.unit.outlet.label - Outlet {0} Notice that the configured components each get a unit label. try here

Esxcli Commands List

The full example configuration looks like this: Plugin "cpu" Type "cpu" GroupBy "Host" GroupBy "TypeInstance" CalculateSum true CalculateAverage true There are a couple of limitations you Administrators have full access to ILOM functionality and Operators have read-only access to ILOM information. All options are not supported for all commands. In short: A type is a predefined layout of data and the number of values and type of values has to match the type definition.

Defaults to SYS/LOAD, SYS/MEM, SYS/NET, SYS/PROC, SYS/IO-UTIL timeframe Duration What timeframe to display for the metrics. TABLE 3-11 shows the commands and the information they display. MeasureResponseCode true|false Measure response code for the request. How To Run Esxcli From Powercli The order of detection is BMP085 -> MPL3115 -> MPL115A2, the first one found will be used (only one sensor can be used by the plugin).

If set to false (the default), no conversion is performed. I've tested using the msiexec and it never seems to work. You can also sort results by any tag which is nice. https://social.technet.microsoft.com/Forums/windows/en-US/46d44e23-50ba-4827-ace7-a67a4362ca01/hyperv-setup-client-cannot-connect-to-rootcimv2-wmi-namespace?forum=winserverhyperv Type must be a valid data set name, see types.db(5) for details.

clear_attributes List[String] If specified, any attribute in this list will be cleared on provision. Esxcli Commands Examples If you want to use HTTPS you will possibly need this option. Log in to the ILOM and type the user name and password. I have a physical Win7 system on which Manager is running fine, but that machine is destined for retirement soon -- so I'm trying to replace it with a Win7 VM

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Defaults to 5000ms. http://www.windowsnetworking.com/articles-tutorials/windows-2003/Configuring-DFS-Namespaces.html Valid values are below. Esxcli Commands List Secure shell connections (SSC) are enabled by default. Esxcli Connect To Host The following options are valid within Page blocks: URL URL URL of the web site to retrieve.

Section 3.5, Managing ILOM Network Settings. This option is enabled by default. So far 2 havereceivedthe advertisement and only 1 has run it. Namespaces DO change with the OS version...what's valid in Windows 7 may not necessarily be valid in XP. Esxcli Connect Failed Not Trusted

You can further calibrate the sensor by supplying pressure and/or temperature offsets. My Blog Site: http://tmagnuson.wordpress.com Wednesday, September 12, 2012 4:51 PM Reply | Quote 0 Sign in to vote Where would I put that. This is useful for instance for specifying that ROW, followed by RACK should be used for location based ordering of results. By default, CPU usage is reported as Jiffies, using the cpu type.

If this is set to true, and the user for instance specifies a value of "foo" and the prefix was set to "dev", the generated hostname will be something like "dev-foo". Esxcli Not Found You can use the backslash character (\) to include double quotes as part of the string. The /SYS namespace manages the host system.

When set to false, aggregates (sums) all non-idle states into one "active" metric.

ReportByCpu true|false When set to true, the default, reports per-CPU (per-core) metrics. What CA certificates come bundled with libcurl and are checked by default depends on the distribution you use. KeyTypeDescription lshw.defaultNicCapacity Long When parsing NIC capicity collins tries a few things. Esxcli Install The ceph schema reports this metric type as a sum,count pair while similar counters are treated as derive types.

In any case this did not have any visible effect on the problem; i.e., hvremote /show /target: still shows the same error, failure to connect to root\cimv2 namespace I also ran User Name Password Password Digest true|false VerifyPeer true|false VerifyHost true|false CACert file Header Header Post Body Timeout Milliseconds These options behave exactly equivalent to the appropriate options of the cURL plugin. excludeMetaTags Set[String] A set of tags to exclude from finding similar assets. They are all running, is there one that I'm missing?

By setting this option to true, you can request percentage values in the un-aggregated (per-CPU, per-state) mode as well. This is a required configuration. defaultMaxConnectionsPerHost Int External only Solr HTTP client tunable; defaults to 100. Normalization method Optional parameter, default value is 0.

The plugin itself does not check whether or not all built instances are different. Defaults to in-memory cache { enabled=true type=in-memory } Guava in-memory cache Guava cache is only suitable for standalone setup. timeRange String Default time range to display in the UI. This allows long lines to be split into multiple lines.

The help and examine options can be used with any command. The following options are valid within URL blocks: Instance Instance Sets the plugin instance to Instance. I'll let you know as soon as I can, but so far it looks promising.Mike in IT Thursday, September 13, 2012 1:24 PM Reply | Quote 0 Sign in to vote a GAUGE value).

If true, API queries are logged querylog { enabled = false includeResults = false prefix = "QUERY: " frontendLogging = false } Authentication Setting up user authentication and authorization Authentication Namespace Plugin amqp The AMQP plugin can be used to communicate with other instances of collectd or third party applications using an AMQP message broker. show /SP/services/http HTTP show /SP/services/https HTTPS show /SP/services/ssh/keys/dsa show /SP/services/ssh/keys/rsa SSH key 3.3.2 Configuring Access Settings Use the set command to change properties and values for HTTP and HTTPS services. If you want to use HTTPS you will possibly need this option.

I'd appreciate any pointers on how to fix or troubleshoot this issue. requires_secondary_role Boolean Whether a secondary role is required or not, defaults to false. There is a sample configuration in the github repo for you to use as a starting point. The best way to illustrate is through an example.

Please try the request again. CLI commands are case-sensitive. 3.2.3 CLI Command Syntax The syntax of a command is: The following sections describe each of these. Command Verbs The CLI supports the following command OldFiles Assume the conntrack_count and conntrack_max files to be found in /proc/sys/net/ipv4/netfilter instead of /proc/sys/net/netfilter/.